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10 Easy Tips to Burn More Calories During Your Day

Let’s face it, not all of us have the time to exercise on a regular basis. But who said hitting the gym three times a week was the only way to lose weight? With just a few simple changes, you can burn calories right in your office chair!
10 Easy Tips to Burn More Calories During Your Day

So you want to hit the gym and get in shape, but there’s just one little problem: you don’t have time. You’re certainly not alone—a lot of us are confined to office desks all day, slumped in our seats, the occasional dash to the water fountain being our only form of exercise. Well, here’s the good news: you can burn calories while at work. In fact, if you know how, you can burn calories sitting on your couch. Here’s how.

1. Try something new. Learn a new sport, sign up for dance class, or simply do something you haven’t done in a while. A change in routine will “surprise” your body, so that it uses more energy adapting to your new moves. As you get used to it, your body learns to spend energy more efficiently, so the effects are consistent.

2. Walk more. Don’t have time for a thirty-minute power walk? Try sneaking exercise time into your daily activities. Park your car a couple of blocks from the office and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ditch the remote and walk across the room to change the channel. It’ll all and give you the equivalent of a walk around the block.

3. Always be moving. All movement burns calories, no matter how small. That’s why fidgety people are more likely to lose weight than idle ones. So take every opportunity you can to move those muscles. Squeezing a ball, bouncing your knees, and even drumming your fingers throughout the day can burn an easy 500 calories!

4. Exercise in the morning. A walk is a walk, right? Not necessarily, although you don’t necessarily burn more calories either. However, a morning workout will boost your metabolism throughout the day, giving you a jumpstart on calorie-burning. That way, your body’s at work even during your afternoon nap.

5. Exercise outdoors. Once in a while, ditch the treadmill and take a real walk outdoors. No one’s sure why, but people tend to move more vigorously and burn more calories when they exercise outdoors. Try a walk or run on the beach—the soft sand adds some resistance, so you burn up to 50% more calories than you would on pavement.

6. Start fast. To get the most out of your workout, start with a warm-up, then burst into full power for the first few minutes. Gradually slow down to a comfortable pace, stay there for a few minutes, and then crank up the gears again. This is called the surge technique. Each “surge” forces your body to work overtime adjusting to the new pace, so you burn more calories in the same amount of time.

7. Eat smaller meals. Instead of the usual three meals, snack lightly throughout the day. Large meals will give you an energy boost, but when it dies down, you’ll feel tired and sluggish until your next meal. By spreading your meals out, you keep your metabolism up, and you’ll be more active during the lazy hours.

8. Build your muscles. The more muscles you have, the faster you will lose weight. Why? Muscles are made of active tissues; that is, unlike fat, they burn calories whenever you move. Strength and weight training help you trade the fat for muscle, thereby boosting your metabolism and calorie-burning potential.

9. Fuel up. Exercising on an empty stomach is like driving without gas. It’s useless, not to mention bad for the car. Before your workout, munch on a healthy, low-calorie snack, such as a fruit or a granola bar. Remember to keep it light, though. Go for 100 to 200 calories: just enough to give you an energy boost and help you work out harder.

10. Drink more water. A study by German scientists showed that one’s metabolism can spike up by 30% only minutes after drinking a bottle of water, and will stay up for about half an hour afterward. Try drinking five 16-ounce bottles of water a day. If possible, drink them ice-cold—you’ll burn an extra calorie or two warming it up.

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