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Find Your Perfect Pants

Finding the right pair of pants may seem wearisome and elusive probably because of the different body types we all have. The key here is to embrace your flaws and focus on your assets. Look for pants that can hide your flaws and flaunt your sexy side.
Find Your Perfect Pants

Finding the perfect pair of pants is a task some may think as elusive. This is probably because not all have the same body type. Some have wider hips, some worry about their not-so-fit bellies, and some are conscious about their large thighs. One key in finding the perfect pants despite your “unique assets” is to love your body. Let's face it. Not everyone has supermodel-type legs or figure but each of us has unique assets that we all should be proud of. Once you have embraced yourself flaws and all, you now need to focus on your assets. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect pants that can accentuate your assets:

Go For Darker Pants

If you are conscious on how your not-so-fit tummy will look in a pair of pants, then go for a pair with darker shades. You don't have to stick to black pants although black is the best color because of its slimming effect. You can opt for other colors as long as their dark enough to create a slimming look. If you want a more whimsical approach, you can go for bolder shades such as red or yellow. There are now several clothing stores that sell customized jeans or pants, giving you the chance to choose from an assortment of shades.

Choose The Right Details

Details of a pair of pants that can help bring out your sexy side include lines, patterns, and pockets. If you have a small frame, try to go for pants with lots of pockets or horizontal designs since these details can make you look wider. On the other hand, try to stick to pants with vertical patterns and less pockets if you are quite heavy on the hips and thighs. To make your legs look leaner and slimmer, opt for jeans with interesting details that focus on other parts of your body.

Select The Right Size And Cut

Since clothing manufacturers use different types of fabrics and cuts when creating pants, you may have to buy pants in different sizes. When buying a pair of jeans, opt for a stretchable waistline if you are conscious about your tummy. Along with the right size, choose the right cut as well. For a more slimming effect, go for a pair of pants with a straight cut to create a vertical look from your hips down to your ankles.

Trust Your Instincts

If you think a pair of pants doesn't really do your body justice, then just go and try other stuff. Don't be forced to purchase a pair just because it's the “in” thing without thinking about your body type or your preferences when it comes to clothes. Trends serve only as guides and not as the sole basis for your decision. For inspiration, you can cut out photos from fashion magazines of celebrities whith whom you can closely associate your body type and sense of style. Aside from fashion magazines, the Internet is also a reliable source of photos that can serve as possible inspirations when on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants.

When buying pants, try to purchase at least two types – a couple for smart occasions and two or three pants for casual wear. Pants that are perfect for daily office work include slacks in various colors such as gray, black, and white. For casual wear, you can choose from various types – Capri pants, bootleg jeans, skinny jeans, and other flexible types of pants. Since there are many options to choose from, looking for the right pair of pants should be fun and worthwhile.

Having a limited budget shouldn't stop you from getting the perfect pair of pants. If you can't afford designer jeans or pants, don't fret. There are many clothing stores and discount shops that offer affordable yet trendy pants that are suitable for work or casual wear. If you prefer customized pairs, be prepared to shell out some money since these pants may get costly compared to ready-to-wear pants. Finding the right pair may seem wearisome but once you have found a pair that you simply can't live without, you'll enjoy wearing them with your favorite tops and accessories.

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