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Hair Style Revolution: Choosing The Best Style For A Better You

When choosing the best hairstyle for you, the factors to consider are your facial contour, hairstyling habits, and the look you want to have. Fashion magazines and the Internet are reliable sources of inspiration when looking for celebrity hairstyles that are worth emulating.
Hair Style Revolution: Choosing The Best Style For A Better You

Since all of us have different facial contours, not all types of hairstyles may look good on everyone. A hairstyle should always complement the shape and features of your face and not the other way around. Before hitting a salon, try to determine the basic shape of your face. The basic facial contours are round, oval, square, triangle, heart, and oblong. The shape of your face doesn't have to fall strictly within these categories; some may have facial contours that are a combination of two or more basic shapes. Here are some tips on how to choose the best hairstyle for a better you:

Determine Your Facial Contour

One way of knowing the basic contour of your face is by pulling up your hair to a ponytail. Look in front of the mirror and you should be able to get some idea about the outline of your face. You can also  use your own photos and try to trace the outline of your face. A round face usually has a circular chin line and is wide along the cheeks. If your face has an oblong contour, your facial features are quite slender and long. Having an oval-shaped face means you have a versatile contour. Many say that an oval-shaped face goes well with any type of hairstyle.  A heart-shaped face usually means your jaw line is narrow and you have wide-set eyes. Having a narrow or small forehead and a wide chin may indicate that your face has a triangular contour. If your face is squarish, your jawline is quite angular and you have a straight hairline.

Look For Inspiration

Once you have determined your facial contour, you can cut out photos of celebrities who have simmilar a facial contour to your own. Aside from magazines, the Internet is a reliable source of the latest celebrity hairstyles that complement various looks and facial shapes. There are many websites that include photo galleries of various haircuts. A virtual hairstyling kit can allow you to experiment with different styles without actually cutting your hair. You can bring the photos with you when you visit a salon so that the hairstylist can have an idea of what type of hairstyle you are actually looking for.

Consider Your Hairstyling Habits

If you are a busy woman and you barely have time to stand in front of a mirror every morning, opt for a hairstyle that can be easily managed by simply brushing or combing it. If you don't mind spending several minutes in front of a mirror styling your hair, you can opt for more challenging styles that may require some amount of gel or mousse in order to achieve the desired look.

If In Doubt, Consult A Professional

If you're not really sure on what type of hairstyle will look good on you, you can always consult a professional hairstylist. Professional hairstylists are trained to determine which type of haircut will look good on whom. A stylist can also give you some pointers on how to take care of your new hairstyle. You don't need to go to a high-end or expensive salon in order to get your dream hairstyle. As long as you are comfortable with the stylist and you can communicate effectively what you really want to be done with your crowning glory, then you should be good to go.

When choosing a hairstyle that can bring out the best in you, never follow a trend just for the sake of following it. Always consider the shape of your face when choosing a hairstyle because you will have to stick with it for a couple of months. Disastrous haircuts can sometimes lead to frustrating situations so it's best to stick to a style that you can be really proud of.

Aside from getting the perfect cut, you can also try highlights that can accentuate your facial features. It's best to consult a professional when it comes to the right shade especially if it is your first time getting highlights. You should consider the original color of your hair before getting highlights because this can affect the outcome.

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