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How To Find Jeans You Look Good In

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can get tricky. The key is to find the right design that'll complement your body. Fashion trends come and go so don't let them dictate your decision. It's better to buy a pair of denim jeans that you can proudly wear no matter what.
How To Find Jeans You Look Good In

Almost every woman has at least two or more pairs of jeans. This is because a pair of jeans is a very flexible bottom that never goes out of style. It can be paired with almost any kind of top -- a baby tee, a tank top, a casual shirt, or a polo shirt. You can also purchase jeans that come in various colors and cuts, providing you with many options when it comes to expressing your personal style. Even runways are witnesses to the classic saga of denim. Every season, at least one fashion designer reinvents the look of jeans. But no matter what type of fashion trend comes along, having two or more pairs of jeans is never a fashion fiasco. As a matter of fact, denim addicts are all around and they are always in search for the perfect pair of jeans.

When looking for the right pair, there are several factors you may have to consider first. Or, questions you have to ask yourself. Will the cut complement my body shape? Is the shade right for me? Is this the right size? And most importantly, do these jeans make me look fat? Indeed, looking for the perfect pair of jeans can be quite a challenge for some. To help you avoid fashion fiascos, here are some helpful questions and tips:

1. Do these jeans make me look fat?

Not all women have the same body shape. Unless you are exceptionally fit or you have the body of a supermodel, not all types of cuts may complement your body shape. And besides, the reason why there are many cuts and styles when it comes to jeans is because each body shape or type looks best in certain cuts or styles. If you wish to minimize the appearance of your booty, opt for jeans with back pockets. Preferably, a pair of jeans with slightly tilted back pockets, which can help you achieve a "smaller" booty. If you hate back pockets, you can try to look for designer jeans that have rear seams that are both decorative and slimming.

Having an unsightly belly is really not a problem when looking for the right pair of denim. You just have to know what type will complement your body. Always look for a pair with a stretchable waistline. Jeans with spandex on their waistlines are good options. A low-waist pair can be flattering but you have to make sure that it's not too low. After all, letting everyone see the color of your underwear is really not trendy.

2. Will the cut complement by body shape?

Jeans come in all sorts of cuts. A boot-cut can certainly add a bit of shape but try to avoid jeans that are overly flared. The leg cut may also make or break your overall style. If you want your legs to look a bit leaner and you haven't been working out for months, a straight cut may help you achieve your heart's desires. Skinny jeans are trendy styles but if they're too tight, flabby parts of your legs won't look so good.

3. Is the shade right for me?

Minimizing the appearance of a big booty or belly can be easily achieved if you know what shade of jeans is perfect for you. Jeans with darker colors can help you achieve a more toned look. This doesn't mean that you have to stick to black jeans for the rest of your life. You just have to choose a darker shade since this can help minimize any shape or size.

4. Is this the right size?

It's not uncommon to find yourself in this kind of scenario: you went into different clothing stores and you found out that each pair you tried has a different size. This is because each clothing manufacturer may use a different kind of denim aside from the fact that there are various denim cuts to choose from. The presence of a spandex waistline can also affect the size of a pair of jeans. To help you in tight situations, you may opt for a smaller size if the waist is totally stretchable or is made of spandex. If not, you may go one size higher. However, this general tip may not be applicable to everyone. To find out if a certain pair is just right, always try it out. After all, what's the use of a dressing room? Finding the right pair of jeans is a bit tricky but shopping for the best pair at bargain price is always a worthwhile experience.

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