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Look Red Carpet Ready On A Budget

To achieve your dream red carpet look, search for inspirations. Once you've chosen an inspiration, focus on items such as the dress, shoes, and accessories. You don't have to look for an identical outfit. Just use the chosen style and color for inspiration when looking for the perfect gown.
Look Red Carpet Ready On A Budget

If you love wearing gowns and evening dresses that can rival your idol's outfit that she wore on the red carpet, but you don't have the budget, there are many affordable and classy alternatives. You don't need to spend a lot of cash when looking for outfits that are worth wearing on a red carpet. As a matter of fact, there are many stores and discount shops that offer affordable outfits that are quite glamorous and luxurious. Here are some tips on how to look red carpet ready on a budget:

Look for a specific outfit

To start off, look for a specific outfit of your favorite Hollywood celebrity or any star who's fashion sense is worth emulating. Once you've chosen a specific red carpet look, focus on the key items – the dress, the shoes, and the accessories. You can check out magazines for photos of celebrities wearing red carpet gowns and dresses. The Internet is also a reliable source of fashion photos. If you want a unique red carpet look, you can use fashion magazines or dress catalogs for inspiration.

The dress

Once you have chosen a specific look or outfit, study the details and overall design of the dress. As much as possible, look for an alternative dress that has similar shades and cuts to get the similar look as the dress you've chosen. They key in looking for a red carpet outfit is to find a dress that's very similar in terms of cut and design. As for the details, it's hard to find identical designs. What you can do is opt for details that are quite similar to the ones in the photo and can complement your body shape.

When looking for a gown or dress, it's important to remember that not all designs and styles are meant for everybody. If you are a bit conscious about your belly, then opt for a dress with similar designs based on your selected outfit with a different cut that'll hide your belly.

The shoes

Not everyone can afford designer shoes. But, there are various alternatives that can glamorize your red carpet look without breaking the bank. When looking for a specific style of shoes, check out department stores and discount shops. The shoes don't have to be identical; you can opt for shoes that are similar in height and style. If the outfit you chose for inspiration calls for an intricately detailed pair, you can look for shoes with shimmery beadworks or semi-precious stones. If high-heeled shoes are really not your thing, you can opt for a pair with kitten heels. These small heels are perfect for those who want the look of heeled shoes without the discomfort. Just make sure that the shoes complement your red carpet-inspired outfit.

The Accessories

If you're a celebrity, you can always borrow your bling blings from top jewelry designers such as Harry Winston. But, if you're a hardworking woman who doesn't have the budget for designer jewelry, you can always opt for chic pieces that are quite affordable. You may have to opt for faux stones but with the right pieces, you can achieve your dream red carpet look without busting your budget.  Look for drop or chandelier earrings as these luxurious pieces are perfect for off-shoulder or strapless gowns.

As for the hairstyle, it all depends on your current haircut. If you're willing to follow your Hollywood idol's footsteps, then go ahead and get a bob cut. Just make sure that your facial structure can carry such a hairstyle. If not, then opt for dramatic yet romantic styles such as buns and curls. Look for a hairstyle piece that can complement your dress and jewelry without overwhelming them. When it comes to accessories, the key is to focus on one item. If you plan to wear a necklace with a big stone pendant, then avoid wearing overly flashy rings or bracelets. Avoid overdoing your accessories unless you want to look like a Christmas ornament. To make everything perfect, try to tone up a bit so you'll look and feel good in your new dress. Regular stretching exercises weeks or months before the actual event can help flatten out those flabby areas.

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