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Perfect Brows With No Fuss

When grooming your brows, stick to the natural shape of your brows. If your brows are thick, you can groom them by plucking, shaving, waxing, or threading. Sparse brows can be filled in with powder for a more natural look.
Perfect Brows With No Fuss

Having the perfect brows may seem like an unattainable task for some. Others turn green with envy as they flip through fashion magazines and marvel at the perfect arches most of the models have. But before you grab that tweezer or shaver, it's very important to realize that not everyone has the same brow shape. What you see in the magazine is not really something that's worth basing your expectations on. Many fashion magazines use air-brush or photo-editing techniques to achieve that perfect set of brows. To get the perfect brows that can accentuate the windows to your soul, here are some fuss-free tips:

Stick To What You've Got

Some may opt for unrealistic arches because they don't like the look of their original brows. This is a common mistake many women make, resulting in arches that look so fake that the pencil lines peek through the sparse hair. One key to achieving perfect brows without the fuss is to stick to what you've got. If you think your brows are less than perfect, you can focus on these flaws instead of changing the whole look of your brows. Remember that your brows frame your facial features so it's best to stick to the natural shape of your brows and work your way from there.

Find Your Arch

Finding your natural arch is quite easy. One old trick is to grab a pencil and a mirror. Place the pencil vertically against your nostril and move it until it aligns with the outer part of your iris. Your arch can start on the part where the pencil aligns with the outer part of the iris. Pluck or shave the hairs that are not included in the arch.

Use A Hair-removing Technique That Works For You

Whether it's a tweezer or a shaver, having the perfect hair-removing tool is a key in getting the perfect brows. If you prefer tweezers, make sure that you groom your brows under a natural light for better results. Shaving your brows with the right tool means using a special shaver that can help you follow the natural shape of your brows. Waxing is another option but this method may be more painful; you may be advised to put on some soothing or numbing cream on the area to be waxed. If your skin is not that sensitive, waxing may be a faster option since plucking can be time-consuming. Another effective method is threading. This can produce a cleaner look but it may also cause some discomfort especially for first-timers. If you plan to wax or thread your brows, it's best to let a professional do the work.

Groom Bushy Brows

Unless you enjoy everyone calling you “unibrow” to your back, grooming bushy brows is one step to perfection. Although some may disagree, having thick brows is an asset and not a flaw. The key here is to get rid of unwanted hairs between and beneath your brows that don't go with the natural shape. For unruly strands, a brow gel can keep them in place. Having a brow brush is also a must in keeping thick brows look neat and clean.

Fill-In Sparse Brows

If your brows look sparse, you can still achieve full-bodied brows by filling them in with powder. Brow powder looks more natural compared to a brow pencil so it's best to apply brow powder using an angle brush. When applying brow powder with an angle brush, do it with shorter and light-handed strokes since your goal is to imitate the natural look of your brow.

If you still can't figure out where to start your brow arch, it's best to consult a professional. Once you and your make-up artist or beautician are satisfied with the arch, you can now use this shape as a guide when plucking or shaving your brows on your own. It's quite natural to take a couple of days before you can groom your brows completely. One key is to groom your brows at least once a week. If you over-pluck your brows, fill in the gap with brow powder. The hairs on your brow may take weeks before growing back so make sure that you don't over-pluck your brow.

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