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Survive The Winter In Style: Top Trends in Winter Fashion

Surviving the winter in style is quite easy. All you need are several trendy items and accessories that can sizzle your winter wardrobe. You can choose from a variety of accessories such as shawls, scarves, and cardigans made of rich fabrics such as silk and wool.
Survive The Winter In Style: Top Trends in Winter Fashion

Some may think that winter is a season wherein fashion trends are non-existent because the extreme temperature calls for generic jackets, boots, and scarves that can warm you up. However, runways and catwalks are brimming with fashion ideas that can definitely sizzle up your winter. To survive the winter in style, stick to outfits and accessories that are both trendy and comfortable. Because of society's obsession with anything trendy, there are many winter pieces that can glam up your look while keeping you warm and comfortable. Here are some trendy items that can sizzle your winter wardrobe:

Colors, colors, and more colors

A winter wardrobe doesn't necessarily have to be dull. To add more life to your winter items, stay away from dull grays and browns. This winter season, opt for rich shades of magenta, ivory white, turquoise, and emerald green. You can also opt for warm colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows for a more vibrant touch. Don't be afraid to insert a bit of color into your winter outfit. When looking for inspiration, you can check out runway shows or fashion magazines that highlight the best of this year's winter fashion trends.

More Variety

If you always wear that same old jacket every winter, maybe it's time for a change. Aside from jackets, you can choose from a variety of winter accessories that can keep you warm and toasty. These trendy items include shawls, funky scarves, and colorful cardigans. If you want more colorful options, look for Asian shawls that are available in different rich fabrics such as silks and wools along with elegant designs and patterns.

When looking for jackets, scarves, and shawls that can glam up your winter wardrobe, always look for items that are made of luxurious materials. If you're looking for bargain items, first check out the materials used. If you don't like wearing fur for environmental reasons, there are many stores and clothing shops that sell luxurious faux furs.

Winter Accessorize

Must-have winter accessories include colorful gloves or mittens and scarves. Trendy scarves are quite flexible and can be used in several ways – as a protection for your hair, a trendy item tied around your neck or draped around your shoulders. Whatever winter accessory you choose, make sure it'll keep you warm without cramping your overall style.

Trendy Boots

Trendy boots for this winter season include high boots adorned with woolen threads, boots with fluffy collars, and boots with straps, lace, and anything that can be tied up. Other trendy boots include white and other ankle or knee-high boots that are adorned with chic details and designs. When looking for trendy winter boots, you can always check out department stores and discount shops that sell a variety of boots that can keep your toes warm and comfortable.


Jazz up you winter look with chic or funky jewelry pieces. Aside from having the right jacket, boots, and thermal outfit, the right jewelry piece is like the icing on top. For plain cashmere tops, a long necklace with a unique pendant can add that funky touch without going overboard. Dramatic jewelry pieces with intricate beadworks are classic pieces that can jazz up any outfit whether you're going out for a date or spending the day with your girlfriends.

Mix and Match Items

Never be afraid to mix and match items when it comes to winter fashion. Your favorite knee-high boots with fluffy collars look good in jeans or short skirts. You can also experiment with a variety of scarves and other accessories that can both glam up your look and keep you warm. You don't have to go for designer items if your budget is limited. One way to achieve a chic winter look without busting your budget is to purchase several high-end winter accessories and pair them up with bargain finds. You can also cut out photos of designer winter outfits from magazines and look for cheaper alternative pieces that closely resemble the original items. You can also mix and match items from your old wardrobe and pair them up with accessories that are hot this winter season. The winter season may get cold and drafty but that doesn't mean your wardrobe should go cold too.

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