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Update Your Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

Changing your wardrobe within a budget is quite easy. A wardrobe should always have classic pieces, some funky items, and accessories that can glam up any look. Never be afraid to go with the trends; just make sure that the pieces you choose are those that you can proudly wear.
Update Your Wardrobe Without Breaking The Bank

The celebration of a new year means a welcome change for all. If jazzing up your wardrobe is one of your goals this year, why not start it now as you welcome 2008? You don't have to worry about your budget because jazzing up your wardrobe doesn't really require expensive items. All you need are several items and accessories that can add glamour to any outfit or look. Aside from the fact that you get to buy new things, updating your wardrobe gives you the chance to get rid of stuff you don't really need or wear anymore. To update your wardrobe without breaking your budget, here are some tips:

Stick To Timeless Pieces

Timeless or classic pieces, such as that short black dress, are a must for every wardrobe. This versatile outfit can be worn on formal occasions and on casual dates along with a pair of skinny jeans. To jazz up your wardrobe, look for a short black dress with delicate details and design for that sophisticated touch. These sophisticated details may include glitter beads, strips of lace, tiny ribbons, or luxurious fabrics. A strapless short black dress is quite sexy without looking trashy.

Aside from classic clothing pieces, investing in affordable silver jewelry is another way of updating your wardrobe. Silver jewelry can be used on almost any type of occasion whether it's formal or casual. You don't have to buy a whole set of silver jewelry. A standout piece or two should do the trick. A long silver necklace with a beautiful pendant adds that chic touch to a simple shirt-and-jeans outfit.

Buckle Up

Accessories with shiny buckles can add that instant glamour to any outfit or look. Whether it's a bag, a purse, or a pair of boots, a chic buckle or metal clasp can add that sophisticated touch. Just make sure that you don't go overboard with your buckled accessories since too much metal can give your overall look a heavy and bulky appearance. When looking for buckled accessories, there are many discount shops that offer affordable pieces that can still look classy when paired with the right outfit.

Go Metal

Accessories such as shoes and bags with metallic hues are quite hot this season. These shiny pieces can spice up any wardrobe without the high costs. These metallic pieces add that special funk to any look or outfit. Just make sure that you don't wear your metallic pieces all at once.

Be Funky

There are many funky accessories that can glam up your new wardrobe. Aside from having the basic pieces, your wardrobe should have several items that'll help you express your individuality and love for a little bit of fun. Funky costume jewelry such as oversized bangles can definitely add a special twist to your regular look without the expensive price tags.

Buy New Shoes

Updating a wardrobe would not be complete without a couple of new pairs of shoes that make a statement every time you strut your stuff. Trendy boots may include unique details or designs. It's always good to have a couple of pairs of shoes that can make a fashion statement because these pieces can always add that special touch to your overall look. However, don't buy anything that doesn't suit your personality. Fashion trends are about wearing chic stuff that can accentuate your assets and not make you look like a fashion victim.

Cover up

A new wardrobe always needs a couple of trendy jackets especially during the winter season. It's always good to have at least two jackets – one for casual events and one for formal occasions. A jacket should have the right cut based on your body shape. The jacket for formal occasions should look good when worn with an evening dress. You don't really need to splurge when buying new jackets. Just make sure that you choose affordable and high-quality items.

When updating your wardrobe, try to base your fashion decisions on the latest trends and on your personality as well. Some people become fashion victims because they follow whatever trend that comes despite the reality that not all trends are worth following. When choosing outfits or accessories it's important to always trust your instincts. If you're not really comfortable when wearing a certain accessory or outfit, then why buy it? It's best to trust your own judgment and use trends as guides.

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