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Work Wardrobe Essentials

Work wardrobe essentials such as slacks, business tops, shoes, and accessories are good investments. When looking for wardrobe essentials, you can buy office clothes piece by piece so that you can easily mix and match items for a more personal look.
Work Wardrobe Essentials

Creating a work wardrobe may seem confusing for some but once you get your hands on the basic items each work wardrobe should have, then everything should go smoothly. A work wardrobe should always include items for regular office days, important business meetings, and casual Fridays. Here are some tips on what essentials to look for when creating a work wardrobe:


To start off, having at least three pairs of slacks is an investment when creating a work wardrobe. Basic colors should include grays, blacks, tans, and browns. You can also opt for slacks with vertical stripes since these details have slimming effects. Make sure that the length of the slacks is just right unless you want to step on the hemlines of your pants every time you strut your stuff. As for the waistline, opt for stretchable pants if you have a not-so-fit belly. Other details such as patterns, designs, and pockets should accentuate your assets and hide your flaws.


Tops that are perfect for office work include blouses with collars and long-sleeved tops. Necklines that instill a sense of formality include V-necks and round necks. Just make sure that you avoid deep plunging necklines. As for the color of your tops, you can play a bit since a work wardrobe with only blacks and grays can get dull. To insert a bit of color, opt for other shades that can be paired with your slacks – whites, reds, blues, greens, and browns. Yellows and oranges can also be worn for work but make sure that you don't overdo it. If your blouse has a bright warm shade, tone it down with a basic-colored pair of slacks and minimal accessories.


A work wardrobe is never complete without a couple of suits. Depending on your budget, you can opt for tailored suits. If you can't afford tailored business wear, you can simply visit department shops for RTW suits. You can choose from an assortment of combinations and colors when looking for a business suit. For more variety, look for a suit with pants and a suit paired with a skirt. Having two sets of suits can give you more freedom when mixing and matching items. Having the right suit is essential since this attire is perfect for business meetings or presentations where your overall look and style is important in making a good impression.


Having several pairs of high-heeled shoes is definitely essential when creating a work wardrobe. To let your feet rest, buy flat ballet shoes that will look good with a pair of slacks. Pointed shoes with kitten heels are good options if you're not into high-heeled shoes. But still, having at least one pair of stiletto shoes is perfect especially for business parties and late nights out on Fridays. Boots are flexible footwear that can be worn on regular office days and casual Fridays.


Having the right accessories is also essential in every work wardrobe. For your bag, opt for a spacious tote bag or hand bag. Having a spacious bag lets you bring all your stuff without looking too bulky. If you need to bring home paperwork, having a lady's suitcase is a good option. As for your jewelry, try to stick to basics especially if your office has strict rules when it comes to work attire. Silver jewelry is a must since this neutral shade can be paired with almost any color. A long silver necklace can definitely jazz up a plain top without overdoing it. Avoid wearing too many accessories unless you want your co-workers to gawk at you every time you visit the drinking fountain. You can insert a bit of color in your accessories but make sure that your accessories will complement your overall look and not overwhelm it.

If you are on a tight budget, purchase a good piece every payday. You don't really have to wear a matching outfit because one of the joys in creating a work wardrobe is the option to mix and match items. Over the years, you should be able to create a flexible work wardrobe with items you can easily mix and match, creating an investment that's worth every penny.

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